What's On Your Table: Daemon Prince Magnus

What’s On Your Table: Daemon Prince Magnus

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Fitting timing about the rumors of plastic Daemon Prince Magnus… my

latest conversion project was a Daemon Prince Magnus that I kitbashed to

use against my brother’s space wolves as we play the Battle for the Fang

campaign from White Dwarf Nov09.

I actually like his old Flying Monkey design, so I’ve tried to maintain

the monkeyish proportions of the old Epic model, with extra-long gangley

arms and short stubby legs.

The parts list is basically the Cygor/Gorgon kit, with feet and hands

from the Giant, legs from the Necrosphinx, horns from the Chaos Chariot,

and wings from Deathclaw.

He’s posed so that, while you don’t notice it head-on, from the side

profile he is looking pretty much directly down at whatever man-sized

thing is in front of him (such as an unlucky Wolf Lord…)

His rules rules from White Dwarf Nov09 are basically a Daemon Prince

with a one-use Vortex Grenade. Suitability of the rules aside, the Epic

figure can be used side-by-side with him, as his Familiar! 🙂



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