What is <i>The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey</i> ™ Strategy Battle Game?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ? Strategy Battle Game is the doorway into a world of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures based upon the breathtaking The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy ?.

Collect the Warriors and Heroes who have inspired your imagination in the movies, ready them for battle and unleash them in thrilling games of strategy and skill. The rules are simple to learn ? within minutes you can be making your first moves, loosing arrows and duelling for glory amidst the bowers of Mirkwood or before the gates of Erebor. Even after years of play, however, there are new tactics to refine and gambits to unleash ? easy to learn, but a challenge to master!

Each player takes control of a force of models, from a small band of warriors such as Thorin?s Company, to the teeming denizens of Goblin Town or the glorious Elven hosts from Thranduil?s halls.

Ways to play

The Strategy Battle Game provides several ways to play. Some hobbyists like nothing better than faithfully re-enacting the most iconic scenes with their warriors, rejoicing in the splendour of the Battle of the Five Armies or the Dwarves? heroic escape from Goblin Town. Others enjoy the freedom of creating their own battles and stories, allowing their imagination to run wild within Tolkien?s amazing worlds. Others still enjoy the thrill of competition, as they test their skills in matched-play games? whether at tournaments and gaming weekends, or in the relative privacy of a gaming club or even the comfort of their own home.

Where do I start?

Without a doubt the best place for a complete beginner to start with the Strategy Battle Game is to pick up a copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ? Escape from Goblin Town starter set. It contains everything you need to play your first games, with amazing plastic Citadel miniatures, scenery, dice and more.

You could also begin by picking up a copy of the hardback The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ? rules manual ? a whopping tome that contains all the rules for the game, as well as a multitude of profiles for all the models involved in the movie of the same name!

Of course, you?ll also need some The Hobbit ? models to use in your games, and there are loads to choose from! Do you fancy collecting your favourite heroes from the scenes in the films, or recreating the mighty armies at the Battle of Moria or the Battle of the Five Armies? There are hundreds of officially licensed The Hobbit ? miniatures at and over the months we?ll be adding more official models to our growing range here at too.

What about The Lord of The Rings?

For 15 years Games Workshop has proudly adventured in Middle-earth ?, starting out with the first edition of the Strategy Battle Game, based on the amazing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ? and continuing ever since.

One of the great things about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ? Strategy Battle Game is that it retains complete compatibility with Games Workshop?s The Lord of The Rings ? range. You?ll find the rules for using the heroes, villains and monsters of The Lord of The Rings ? in five Sourcebooks: The Kingdoms of Men, The Free Peoples, Mordor ?, The Fallen Realms and Moria ? & Angmar ?. Over the coming years, we?ll also be continuing and expanding our adventures in The Lord of The Rings ? too, so keep your eyes open for more great models, supplements and rules manuals.

To see the impressive range of The Lord of The Rings ? Citadel miniatures, check out

Author: Adam

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