Warhammer Fest is coming to Europe!

Warhammer Fest has rapidly become Games Workshop?s biggest event of the year, and for 2018,  this gathering of like-minded fans is crossing the channel and on August 18th and 19th it’s coming to mainland Europe too!

All general admission and gaming event tickets are available from Saturday June 2nd, so get ready for a great weekend!

When and where is Warhammer Fest Europe?

Warhammer Fest Europe takes pace on August 18th and 19th, so you can join us for a day, or for both, with single day and weekend tickets to choose from. Held at Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf it’s a welcoming place to spend a day or even longer if you choose to book a room and take advantage of all the facilities.

What can I do at Warhammer Fest Europe?

Meet and chat with members of the different Design Studios from around Games Workshop, see some of their latest creations (and perhaps get a peek at what’s coming up!) At seminars and live hobby Demo Pods you can discover more like the designers? thoughts behind the latest releases, and see skills like converting and painting being demonstrated.

Admire hundreds of beautifully painted miniatures in displays from the ?Eavy Metal team and other painters, and in the world famous Golden Demon painting competition. Perhaps even enter your own miniatures in the competition!

Get gaming in demo games, participation gaming, bring and battle open gaming, or enjoy a full weekend of organised play and get a ticket for one of the Warhammer Fest Tournaments!

And of course, you can shop from the largest collection of products at any Warhammer show in the world. This often includes brand new and First Access models, plus Event Exclusives. We can’t confirm just yet what (if any) will be new or First Access, but keep looking out for announcements nearer to the event.

How do I get tickets?

General event tickets for Warhammer Fest Europe will be available from June 2nd through the Forge World website, and tickets for the gaming events will be available through our e-ticket service. We’ll be making announcements and providing links when they go live, so sign up to the newsletter and keep watch!

Would you like to know more about Games? Workshop?s biggest event in Europe for 2018?

Find out more here, and be sure to get your tickets soon!

If you want to see the announcements we’re making on the Warhammer World blog for Warhammer Fest Europe 2018,  all of the updates will be rounded up as the are made, and you’ll find them here:

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