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I recently became embroiled in the Age of Sigmar – Warlords event in Warhammer World. You might be thinking to yourself ?There are a lot of events in Warhammer World, so why would I be interested in this one?? Well, this particular event was of great import as it was the first one held in Warhammer World to use the Matched Play rules from the Age of Sigmar General?s Handbook. The General?s Handbook has been out for a few months now, and alongside Open Play and Narrative Play, it gives people a chance to really get their teeth into what Matched Play amies look like and what you can achieve with them on the bloody battlefields of the eight realms. 

So on a warm September morning, 100 brave pioneers gathered to create a historic event and to have some fun along the way. Each participant had chosen a Battlehost sized amy (2000 points in layman?s terms) from the General?s Handbook and set forth to play six games (one of each of the Matched Play scenarios) over the course of a weekend. As I wandered around the hall seeing some old familiar faces from yesteryear I gazed in awe and sometimes terror at the armies that I could be potentially up against and any plans I had for how I was going to achieve total victory were soon cast aside for some more hastily thought up schemes. 

I was using an Alliance of Death army with the main force consisting of fairly solid or numerous infantry units supported by some useful characters and monsters to give me some bite when it came to combat. Here?s what I took:

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with Ruler of the Night Command Trait and the Tomb Blade Artefact. 

Vampire Lord.


Fifty Zombies (in one unit of thirty and two units of ten).

Six Spirit Hosts.

Three Vargheists.

Ten Dire Wolves (in two units of five)

Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone.


I won?t deny it, my plan for each game primarily involved pushing the Zombies up the centre of the battlefield and hoping the held the bulk of my opponent’s units up until help arrived in the form of the Vampire Lord on the Zombie Dragon and/or the Mourngul. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn?t as a few of my opponents were surprised at how vicious a large block of soulless minions of death can be in a fight. After a full on brawl along almost the entire centreline of the board against a Khorne Bloodbound army in the first game I came up short in the closing minutes, despite there being hardly anything left of the opposing force. The next three games, however went my way as three wars of brutal attrition forced a Masterclan lead Skaven, IronJawz and combined Orruk and Ogor Destruction force to bend the knee. 

It was at this point that my luck had run out and I was quite rightly put back in my place by a fearsome opponent whose army made very short work of mine (which left plenty of time for refreshment before the next game, so not all bad). My last game was a chance for one of my earlier antagonists to get their revenge and after a bitter struggle which saw all but five models removed from the board I was vanquished and many Zombies laid to rest to be resurrected another day. 

All in all this was a fantastic event, much enjoyed by all and I learned a lot about my army and definitely gained some new respect for some of my opponents units that I won?t forget in a hurry (Beastclaw Raider Thundertusks, I?m looking at you!). I?m also hoping that this will be a great prelude to the Grand Tournaments that Warhammer World will be hosting next year. 

Author: Tris

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