The 2017 Exhibition Review!

2017 has been a busy year for the Warhammer World Exhibition, with new dioramas, life -sized ‘relics’, Origins displays, new signage, and most of the exhibition areas were rearranged in some way, including the creation of a dedicated Horus Heresy area!

If you haven’t seen all of the larger changes, here’s a look back over the year, and hopefully you’ll be able to visit and see them in person soon.


Sergeant Magneus? Chainsword, a “relic” from the Battle For Angelus Prime, went on display in the same room as the massive diorama of the battle.


The Oil Rig diorama was added. Here’s a look at when it was work in progress, and you can see some more of when it was under construction here.


This was a busy month! We added the Death on Khendrel IV diorama and six smaller vignette dioramas. See Death on Khendrel IV as it was being built here.

To fit the Death on Khendrel IV diorama in, Exhibition Area 2 was re-displayed, and we used the opportunity to create a dedicated Horus Heresy area, and an Origins of Warhammer 40,000 display.


The Clash at Marrowbreak Spire and Volganoff dioramas went on display (see a bit more of both of them here), so we took the chance to re-display Exhibition Area 1 to add an Origins of Warhammer display.


After receiving lots of attention at Warhammer Fest, the Titan Dock diorama was added, and you can see more of it here.

Having originally planned the Prospero diorama knowing that reinforcements were coming, more miniatures were added, and you can see more of that diorama here.


After working on Exhibition Areas 1 and 2, it was time for area 4! We added the new Siege of Khanoris diorama (see more of it here) and re-displayed some content. The Helm of Brother-Sergeant Gaultus also went on display in Exhibition 3, another relic from the Battle For Angelus Prime.


To finish 2017 we took you to the Underhive, with the Necromunda diorama. Packed with details, you can see some of the work in progress here.

Throughout 2017 the eagle-eyed among you will also have spotted changes to the massive Battle for Angelus Prime diorama, as every few months some of the new releases have been appearing on the battlefield, such as the new Thunderhawk replacing the previous design, and Primaris Space Marines.

Of course nothing stays still, we?re already planning and creating for 2018, so make sure you visit soon to catch up before something else changes!

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