More Winter Warmers at Bugman’s Bar!

Josef Bugman here, writing to you because the good folks of my bar at Warhammer World have been hard at work (so they tell me, sounds more like mucking about with sweet stuff and an excuse to eat cream) creating even more Winter Warmers for you!

I thought that four frothing hot drinks would be plenty of choice for those who get warm through liquids, rather than the heat of battle or glow of a brewery kettle, but these two new concoctions are for the fruit fans.

Available from December 6th and throughout the winter months, these two new drinks join our other winter warmers, and of course, we have all of our usual choices available too.

Now if you ask me, a good four or five pints of Blitzer’s Best should be enough to stop anyone worrying about the cold. But to be fair, that does tend to stop you worrying about the cold, your volume, and where your trousers are…

Yours, Bugman.

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