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This month, Gary has added some Howling Banshees to his collection.

Gary – I?m sure many of you can relate to the time you sat on the floor with your toys and invented scenarios and stories around their adventures. Well part of what inspires me to build a collection is doing the same thing with my models. If you?re a regular webstore blog reader then you?ve heard me rattling on about this before. It?s enough to say that for me, giving my models some character just makes the way I collect that much more enjoyable. Here are my scribblings about my new Eldar, The Last Watch of Isensaar.

Craftworld Isensaar was once known as The Star That Holds Serenity but now other Eldar simply refer to it as The Empty Tower. Fleeing the cataclysm of The Fall, Isensaar was thought lost to the Eldar of the other Craftworlds. Whether by accident or design, Isensaar was pulled into the labrythine dimension of the webway to languish for untold time.  

In their cold exile the people of Isensaar had no need for the ways of war. The Avatar of Khaine at the heart of the craftworld remained forever quiescent, the pulse of the Bloody Handed god nothing but a faint whisper. With the memory of The Fall fresh in their minds, the Eldar of Isensaar pursued the Paths of peace and mysticism. Their Craftworld became a place of calm and beauty while their seers probed the mysteries of the runes.

Millenia later Isensaar emerged again into realspace, directly into the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Were it not for the intervention of the Harlequins of the Dreaming Path, the Eldar of Isensaar would have been wiped out. As it was the glory of the Craftworld was torn down and it?s people reduced to nought but phantoms haunting the ruins.

With the threat of the Tyranids averted a new woe was to beset the Eldar. Isensaar?s course had taken it to within striking distance of the Eye of Terror and the emergence of the 13th Black Crusade. In desperation, the last remaining Eldar gathered in the heart of the Craftworld, beneath the throne of the Avatar of Khaine. 

In their hour of desperation, the Eldar made unspeakable sacrifices of blood, at last awakening the Avatar from its slumber. The call of war swept over the Craftworld and almost universally the last people of Isensaar took up the Path of the Warrior. Those that did not, chose other Paths to support their kin. The dead were raised in the bodies of Wraithguard to fight with the living and the Craftworld?s Bonesingers set to crafting engines of war. 

As one, the Craftworld became a living aspect of Khaine?s wrath, with no more goal than the destruction of the enemies of the Eldar. Taking up the rune of Defiance as their symbol, the Last Watch of Isensaar issued forth from the Empty Tower and their final battle.

Gary?s force is taking shape nicely with the addition of a pair of Hemlock Wraithfighters.

Author: Gary

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