Guest Display: Harvey Snape’s Masque of Midnight Sorrow

Warhammer World has regularly changing Guest Displays, showcasing the amazing personal projects created by fans of the hobby, and Harvey Snape’s Harlequin army has just danced and spun their way into the Exhibition.

Harvey has been building his collection since the Harlequin range was refreshed in 2015 , “I started with the Solitaire. I picked him up for the fun of it, but I enjoyed it so much I wanted to challenge myself to paint an entire army ‘properly’ – diamonds and all.”

So much freehand painting made the army a personal challenge for Harvey, in his words “I wanted to prove to myself that I could.” He uses a simple painting technique, which with a steady hand and practice (start off on scrap card before your miniatures!) isn’t too hard to achieve. It stars with painting a grid of squares, then adding diagonal lines, then painting the colours and highlights over the top.

Featured back in June 2017’s issue of White Dwarf, Harvey has since added to his collection, and they have been joined by some Aeldari, “The Harlequins will still very much be the heart of the army, rather than bit-players in their own story.”

Come and see this great display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before it leaves in June. Of course, you also get to see the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and around 25 specially built dioramas!

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