Creatures of the Night, and Monster Hunters!

Creatures of the Night, and Monster Hunters!

The latest press release from Raging Heroes includes a lot of fun stuff for Halloween. Here are some specials going on.

Press Release from Raging Heroes:

Sweet Halloween Deals at Raging Heroes: Save up to 38%
with 2 special packs: Creatures Of The Night & Monsters Hunters
+ an exclusive Limited Edition miniature

Both packs include ‘Halloween Harry’, the Halloween version of our Harry the baby hippo mascot. This is an exclusive Limited Edition miniature which has been specially produced for the 2 Halloween packs.

1 – The Creatures Of The Night pack features:

  • Reyha WereSheWolf
  • Vankaree WereSheWolf
  • Nertha, The Faceless Mother
  • Asharah Heroic (28mm) – Anniversary Edition (metal)
  • Arkiish, The Black Reaper
  • Halloween Harry – Limited Edition

2 – The Monster Hunters pack features:

  • Hildegard Von Königsmark (metal)
  • Gretchen Von Königsmark (metal)
  • The Huntress (Sisters – Fantasy)
  • Sister Celenia, Scout (Sisters S/SF)
  • Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess (Sisters – Fantasy)
  • Halloween Harry – Limited Edition

Both packs allow you to save up to 38% over individual models, AND obtain the exclusive mini. But hurry, they won’t last long…

These minis are finely crafted in resin, except otherwise noted. Scale is 30mm Heroic: they will fit all popular miniature wargames.

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